When I happened upon Beyond, ithad a “reach out and grab me” effect. I saw it at co-worker’s house during a holiday party, and was transported to a “higher place.” A place where sisterhood is celebrated. A place where the world is transformed from the “here and now” to a place filled with magic, wonder and harmony.

I think, as young women, we tend to compete with each other, but as we gain an understanding of ourselves and our need for support, we form a community that loves and protects each other. We can still appreciate the men in our lives, but we don’t “need” them. We choose them; sometimes for a week and sometimes for life.

My husband (lovingly) calls me and my women friends the witches, because we all have certain “powers” and together we create worlds filled with beauty, mystery and strength. One friend can quiet a room just by entering it, as if her very presence casts a spell of serenity. Another friend sees ghosts. I’m an intuitive.

Like the women in the painting we help each other when needed, but also have our own interests. Never drifting too far from one another.  Always listening to each other’s hearts.

My co-worker and I have become very good friends, which makes perfect sense knowing we have the same taste in art— which is no small thing. I bought Beyond the day after her party and it’s placed at the center of an “alter” of my favorite things. Things that ground and center me.

I knew I’d have a good time at the party, but I didn’t know I would fall in love. Not just with the painting; that’s the night I met my future husband. The painting started a conversation for me with the man I’ll spend the rest of my life with. How can I be sure? I’m intuitive, remember?

Warmest wishes, Sarah

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