The Soul Who Became a Kid

When I was six years old, I found myself standing alone in a bedrom that I shared with my two sisters. I felt as if I’d just been beamed into this body. At the same time, I was acutely aware of my surroundings. The wood floor beneath me was “moving,” as if it was living energy slowly flowing beneath my feet – undisturbed by my weight. The room was bright. Too bright. It illuminated the dust in the room. Why was there so much dust? What is that weird smell? Why did I feel hungry?

For some reason, I looked down at my arms, and noticed the fine, blond hair glistening in the sun. I giggled and said, “I’m a human!” (weird, I know) Then, I walked toward the sun that was streaming through the dormer window. I looked down and saw a heaving crack in the cement sidewalk with grass running through it, like a green vein buldging in an open wound. I remember being shocked by “the imperfection here on earth.” I suddenly felt completely unprepared to be a human being.


Later in life, someone suggested than I had been a “walk-in;” a soul that takes over the body of a soul that is either: needed elsewhere, or so traumatized by their current incarnation that they elect to leave it. The walk-in soul retains the memories of the original soul, but does not have emotions associated with the memories. The new soul brings their own mental, emotional, and spiritual consciousness to live a life that resonates with their purpose and intentions.

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***BTW, I think I was a “Hold My Beer,” Walk-In


I ran downstairs and told my mother everything. She looked up from stove, where she was making fried chicken (the weird smell), and said, “What did you do with my daughter?” From that moment on my parent’s called me “Mighty Mouth,” because they were always dumbfounded, probably even embarrassed, by the things I said.

For example, when I was eight years old , my family had a get together. I heard my sister – 18 years my senior – say, “Susan was born 45 years old.” I turned around and said, “Actually, in this lifetime, I was born when I was six years old. There was somebody else in this body before me.” You could have heard a pin drop.

That kind of thinking wasn’t a “thing” at the time. Nobody talked about multiple lives, spirit guides, psychics, or anything else “woo-woo” related. Thus, a new mantra was assigned to me; “Think before you speak, Susan. Think before you speak.”

So began the journey of being a quiet introvert. Apparently, I was “different,” in a way that made “normal” people feel uncomfortable. Now, the only time I talk it’s “for the benefit” of other people; usually in the form of counselling. I never talk about the way I see the world. I tried it once for a few months – when I thought I was with open-minded people. Let’s just say… that didn’t go well.

But… I get enough confirmation, from the Universe, that my perceptions are valid. I’m not “crazy,” I’m intuitive. I prefer communing with the universe over people. When I tune into infinity, I know things long before they happen. There’s a certain peace and acceptance that comes with that. And, I understand that what we experience as human beings is far smaller than the grand plan that is taking place behind the cosmic curtain.

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