We are a boutique agency that works with select clients to design, develop, and execute breathtaking, in-bound marketing campaigns which consistently deliver a seismic wave of new business opportunities.


Compelling CTA’s, tag/subject/head lines, social media text, bios, website copy, sales pages, eblasts, blogs/articles, video scripts, press releases, newsletters, presentations, packaging copy, brochures/booklets, editing (short to book-length), and more.

***Blogs, newsletters, press releases, short scripts, sales pages, and e blasts usually cost between $150 – $200. Other projects are billed on an hourly basis, at $25 an hour.

Social Media

Our clients, and their fields of expertise, are as diverse as the creatures of the sea. We swim among: lawyers, professors, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, leadership coaches, construction equipment suppliers, criminal evidence custodians, scouting organizations, pharmacy chains, realtors, custom bicycle manufacturers, hair restoration experts, advocates for the aging, SaaS, DevOp and AppDev developers, luxury cruise lines, flamenco instructors, health and beauty experts, and countless others. ***tsuenami creative welcomes diversity, and we love the opportunity to discover and support unique social media opportunities.

***A month of social media posts costs $250 – $350 – usually the former… if the content is the same for each site/day. Queues are filled once a month using a third-party platform like Buffer or Hootsuite. Social Media Management – responding to comments, etc – is charged at an hourly rate of $25.


Odd category, we know. But Susan – our team lead – is gifted when it comes to identifying what’s not working. She has offered feedback on writing projects, business plans, branding, graphic design, websites, and a plethora of other projects. This one comes with a warning. She’s brutally honest. Not rude, but she doesn’t pull any punches, and… she’s never lost a client who contracts for this. She seems to see things other people miss, and has a “sixth sense,” about the public’s response.

***Pricing varies depending on the size of the project. This is billed hourly, at a rate of $25.

Graphic Design

Visual content for social media posts, infographics, newsletters, flyers, brochures, resumes, announcements, presentations, book covers, PP presentations , Google Slides, and more.

***The fee for creating graphics for social media posts is included in the package pricing. Other projects range from $100 – $300, on average.


Clients are continually “blown away” by the results we provide. Susan spearheads this, as she has a knack for asking relevant questions which lead to a full understanding of the client’s core goals. To her, it’s not just about the research topic; as much as how the information will help clients. For example, if someone asked her to research “bolts,” she may ask, “What will they be used for?” Why? The specifications, and cost, would be very different for something static (like a floor lamp) as opposed to something mobile (like a car) which is subject to motion and varying temperatures. This technique leads to specific, high-quality results while also reducing the research time.

***This is billed by the hour, at a rate of $25 per.