Blind Faith

This is the first time I’ve ever written to an artist about their work, but when I saw your painting called Blind Faith I had to send accolades.

This piece stopped me in my tracks. It was one of those moments when goosebumps cover more of your body than winter clothes do. Here’s Part 1 of a story about having blind faith. This is the good reason Blind Faith resonates with me. Part 2 isn’t nearly as pretty. Keeping that in mind…

Almost three years ago I was traveling through Europe in a motorhome with my British husband. After seeing over 20 countries, we talked about every place we’d been and where we’d like to live. Our decision… Alumuñecar, Spain; a location that looks hauntingly similar to the painting.

I only knew one person in Almuñecar, an eighty-year-old woman named Trini; the aunt of an American friend of mine. When we began talking about getting an apartment, she professed to have a knack for manifesting things… IF we were very specific. Over drinks and tapa’s my husband challenged her to find an apartment with two bedrooms, 2 baths, on the top floor of an apartment building with a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  Oh… and it needed to be fully furnished.

Good luck finding that, especially during the height of the tourist season. Blind faith, she said. It helps when you trust in the power of the Universe.

The very next day she told us there was something we needed to see.  

As we followed her down the paseo and my husband pointed to the top floor of a seven-story apartment building and said, That one there. That would be perfect.  

We walked toward that building but then turned right and then left down a section of town we called Restaurant Alley. She led us to a building that was in the center of that block and we got in the elevator.

When we exited we walked down a long hallway to an apartment at the end. When Trini unlocked the door it was like seeing an adult Wonderland: Marble floors, original works of art, chandeliers, hand-carved furniture, mahogany doors, a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, a second bathroom, 2 bedrooms—one with twin Murphy beds that could be stored when we needed office space or brought down for guests and the other bedroom had a king-sized bed— a newly remodeled kitchen big enough to do cartwheels in, a living room with two sitting areas, an open dining room and, an “L-Shaped” balcony that ran from the side, kitchen door to the font of the living room that…. overlooked the Mediterranean Sea.

My husband looked down at the paseo and said, This is it! This is the apartment I pointed at! Wait… how much?

Trini smiled and said, €450 euros— the equivalent of about $500 dollars— a month. See what you get when you have blind faith in the Universe?

It was a magical moment, one filled with the promise of living happily ever-after, but having blind faith people can sometimes have devastating effects…

*See Blind Faith Part 2

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