Zapier Certified Experts

Zapier Certified Experts

Connex Digital Marketing is proud to have two team members — Paul Kortman and Vera Nguyenova — who are Zapier Certified Experts! Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, (and over 1,000 more) that allows you to sync two or more apps to automate tasks without duplicating efforts. With this software, we can move information between your web apps automatically, which frees up precious time and allows you to focus on more crucial business matters.

Check out this link for the top 100 apps on the Zapier platform!

Automating tasks, and data management, can save your company time, money and mistakes. Think of using Zapier, or another workflow automation tool, as a cheaper way to write a custom program. Say you love the features of a CRM (like Salesforce, or Pipedrive) but they don’t integrate with your email marketing platform of choice (MailChimp, Drip, or ConvertKit etc); instead of tasking an assistant with data export and import on a regular basis our team will set up a series of zaps that regularly exports and imports the data, ensuring the data is accurately copied in an efficient and consistent manner.

As Zapier Certified Experts, we can create thousands of different workflows! In fact, we’ve even built highly complex (50 step) zaps, and integrated via webhooks and third party scripts to enable data to flow from non zapier-native apps. Don’t speak geek? Below are a few examples – written in layman’s terms – of ways Zapier can help you to be more efficient in the workplace. With help from Connex, you can…

Move all lead data into your chosen CRM
Trigger actions in other apps based on lead interactions with your website etc.
Keep projects organized by copying new Trello cards into Evernote
Create dashboards in Google Sheets that are updated and kept current by importing data from various other third party CRMs or Business Data software.
Stay in touch with prospects by adding form respondents from Typeform to your mailing list in MailChimp
Enable follow up reminders via text messages for after new sales/lead meetings.
Make sure your team never misses a meeting by notifying a channel in Slack of upcoming Google Calendar events
And, sooooooo much more!

Common Terms: Learn to Speak Zapier

Zapier users basically interact with Zaps, Triggers, and Actions. A zap acts as the blueprint for a task you want to perform repeatedly. When app #1 receives new information, it triggers an action in app #2. Zapier offers its users as much granularity as they need. Hence, you can mix and match triggers and actions to automate virtually any work-intensive functions.

A Zap is an automated workflow between your apps. For example, you may have a Zap that saves your Gmail attachments to Dropbox and another Zap that saves emails that you star in Gmail to a text file. In other automation tools a Zap is called a recipe. Zaps consist of at least two parts: a Trigger and one or more Actions.

A Trigger is the event in an app that starts the Zap. Once you set up a Zap, Zapier will monitor the app for that event. For the “Save Gmail attachments to Dropbox” example, you can receive a lot of emails through your Gmail account, but the Zap is not triggered until an email contains an attachment.

The Action is the event that completes the Zap. For the Gmail to Dropbox Zap example, the action is saving the Gmail attachment to Dropbox.

Each piece of data you run through your Zap counts as a task. That means if your Zap adds 100 emails to Dropbox automatically, your Zap just performed 100 tasks. Every task your Zap performs is another task that you don’t have to do manually. It’s important to keep in mind the number of tasks your Zaps run, as it determines the best Zapier plan for you.

As Zapier Certified Experts, Connex Digital Marketing is now part of the premier Zapier Experts Community, making us the ideal choice to improve processes, recommend new applications, and automate the workflows for you. With this new resource, we now have access to the industry’s latest developments to help move data between web applications in an automated manner.

If you’re interested in finding a better way to increase productivity, traffic and customers — beginning today — fill in the request a quote form below!

“Our team regularly uses Google Sheets to track our recruiters daily activity and performance. In order to maintain the form daily, we exported 9 files from our database and manually cut and pasted the data. This process required approximately 25 minutes daily to complete. Due to Connex Digital Marketing’s ability to automate this files directly into the sheet, our team has saved approximately 2 hours weekly.
$20 per hour X 2.083 hours weekly = $41.66 savings
$41.66 weekly savings x 52 weeks = $2,166.32

Not only is this a more efficient process, the savings in personnel time is helpful to our bottom line. It allows us to focus on what we do best, enrolling students.”
James Link
Executive Director of Enrollment Services|Professional & Graduate Studies
Cornerstone University

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