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Our promise: To provide natural, pH balanced skincare products, at reasonable prices so you can afford to have consistently beautiful skin.

Clean, safe and honest ingredients

At Iris & Orchid, we understand what you put on your skin is just as important to your overall health as your dietary choices. I have a friend – who takes it to the extreme – and says if she can’t eat it, she won’t put it on her skin. She makes a good point; most skin care products are a toxic cocktail of chemicals that you’d never consider consuming, so why let your skin “drink” them in?

Natural products are more important now than ever. Did you know that more than half of consumers in a recent Gallup poll would buy organic if they could afford to? I’m convinced that the other half would too if they knew the real benefits of going green, and… if natural choices were just as affordable as man-made.

First, let’s go over the benefits of a natural and healthy diet… a University of Missouri study found that organic oranges delivered 30% more vitamin C. Plus, the British Journal of Nutrition found that organics contain 18 to 69 percent higher concentrations of antioxidants. This may be because insecticides, herbicides and fungicides actually block a plant’s ability to manufacture phytonutrients, such as polyphenols and antioxidants, according to Organic.org. And this is with a product that has skin; what about unprotected fruit and vegetables?

Okay, but what’s the advantage of “green,” clean and safe skincare products? In an article by Marilyn Gemino, she writes, “The skin is the body’s biggest organ, so it makes sense to consider natural topical products such as cosmetics and personal care items. The FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetics like it does drugs and biologics. As a result, many harmful ingredients are known to be endocrine disruptors, such as phthalates, and are a part of commonly applied products.”

Whether you ingest or apply unnatural products, they can have other profound effects. Synthetic ingredients have been shown, in numerous reports, to be linked to many chronic health conditions – including ADHD, respiratory problems, certain cancers and immune system damage.

Think you’re immune to these threats? Nope. There was an extensive study about harmful chemicals in newborns – you know, those beautiful little bundles, protected from the big bad world? They found that every single baby’s umbilical cord was contaminated with hundreds of industrial chemical compounds, including pesticides, stain repellents, flame retardants, plasticizers, and much, much more.

Yes, it’s impossible to escape from all the chemicals floating around in our lives but you can make choices for healthier alternative options. The Iris & Orchid skincare line is safe, healthy and pH balanced, because you deserve the best, without having to pay a fortune.

Quality & Value

Okay, so we’ve covered the importance of natural, pH balanced skincare products, but what about affordability?

The perception of the price for natural products seems a bit skewed. I think it began with boutique stores catering to high-end consumers. The message was – in order to get something that’s better for you, you have to pay more.

The same goes for the beauty industry. So, only the elite get to have healthy options? Uh, no.

There’s also a funny thing about consumer psychology… most people think that in order to get the best, you have to pay more. Also false. This stems from what I call a “diamond” philosophy. People have been led to believe that diamonds are rare, but this simply isn’t true. Let me explain…

Diamonds were considered very rare well into the 1800s until prospectors in South Africa discovered a huge crater that contained a treasure trove of diamonds.

This scared the De Beers family, who – even though they owned the land – knew that a vast supply of diamonds would make them much more affordable. So, in order to prevent diamonds from decreasing in value, the De Beers cartel decided to only release diamonds in smaller batches. The practice continues today.

But, no one has a corner on the “green market;” that’s just what you’ve been led to believe. The truth is, most natural ingredients come from highly renewable resources, which makes them – what I call – affordable luxury items.There’s another factor that plays into inflated prices… most big brands spend a fortune on marketing, endorsements, office space, staff, legal fees, etc.

Because we keep our business as clean and simple as our products, Iris & Orchid is leading the way for natural skincare and beauty products to be affordable for everyone. So… you can have consistently beautiful skin for a fraction of the cost.

Transparency in communication

So, what’s our marketing plan, if we’re not willing to pay for “big brand” tactics? You. You’re the most important ingredient in our success. It’s simple, when you use our products and see real results, you’ll talk about them. And that’s what we want to start, an open and honest dialogue that creates a sense of community and transparency; one that empowers, encourages every woman no matter their age.

I hope you’ll become a part of the Iris & Orchid revolution; together, we can change the world of beauty with natural, affordable skincare products.

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