Tesser Health

I’m excited to tell you about Tesser Health, a fantastic technology platform designed to lower pharmacy spend for self-funded employers and their members.

Tesser Health is unique because they have a proprietary algorithm called 8 Ways to Save, that takes pharmacy claims data and identifies specific opportunities— at the member level — to reduce cost.

The best part about Tesser Health for employers, is they offer a risk free pricing model. They are so confident about their ability to save self-funded employers money on prescription drug costs they charge a percentage of the savings they generate. No savings no fees… Period.

To better understand the impact Tesser Health can have, I’ll share a quick case study.

An employer group with 410 members had Tesser Health run their 8 Ways To Save Analysis and found $138,216 in annual excess spending. There were 129 members with savings opportunities and 1161 Rx claims with potential cost reductions.

The savings could be achieved through therapeutic alternatives, pharmacy price shopping, combo drug split, generic alternatives, and even over the counter solutions.. There are several examples below.

Another reason I love Tesser Health is, once those opportunities are identified, they contact the member, receive approval and send the new selection directly to their physician or pharmacy; making it easy for employers and members to save money.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Tesser Health, you can schedule a call at the end of the video. We’ll confirm your appointment and send additional information to review before the scheduled time.

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