Tackling the Evidence Accumulation Challenges With Auto Disposition

Hi, Today’s Topic from Tracker Products is… “Tackling the Evidence Accumulation Challenges With Auto Disposition.”

If you were to ask 100 Evidence Technicians, “What is the biggest problem you deal with in your evidence world,” they may give you answers like, “I can’t get rid of enough evidence,” “More evidence is coming in than going out,” and the inevitable… “I’m running out of space!”

Most Evidence Managers get rid of 10, 15, 20%… if they’re lucky. In a world where more evidence is coming in than going out, you’re going to be faced with massive fallout. Evidence piles up to the point where you’ll be faced with a choice… to acquire more storage, or to pro-actively change the dynamics of your evidence management and disposition system.

The simple solution and effective solution is to use software that automates the process of what is generally a cumbersome, paper-driven system. By using Auto Disposition, agencies are able to dramatically improve the disposition process.

One of the basic tenets of Auto Disposition is that instead of the Evidence Technician doing the review, the Case Officer will. Why? Because it makes sense to assign tasks to the person who is most knowledgeable about that evidence. And it’s going to be the Case Officer, not the Evidence Technician.

So let’s go to a real world example: the Des Moines, Iowa Police Department. They bring in roughly 1500 pieces of evidence every month. The most amazing thing about them, is by using Tracker’s SAFE Auto Disposition software, they are getting rid of almost 80% of all the evidence that comes in. That’s a staggering number! What’s even more incomprehensible, is the fact that they’ve only got three people working in the evidence room.

Simply put, you have to be using Auto Disposition! If not, you will be hovering around 10, 20, 30% disposition levels.

As one client said, “By implementing Tracker, we have been able to get rid of so much evidence that we stopped plans for a new storage facility for the property and evidence department.”

Our SAFE evidence tracking software is more than just barcodes and inventory control, it’s an end-to-end chain of custody software for physical and digital evidence, resolving the critical issues facing evidence management today.

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