Short Post – Wine

When the sun begins to set before 7:00 and a chill hits the air, it’s impossible to ignore the changing seasons. There’s a saying: Notice how the trees do not cling to their leaves? Autumn is the timetorelease the old and welcome in the new.

This is the time of year when we begin preparing for winter; bringing out the sweaters and boots, bringing in the firewood and patio furniture. Some of us go to fall festivals— complete with hay rides and pumpkin carving— others enjoy staying in and binge-watch Netflix, snuggled under a warm blanket. 

No matter what your days look like, evenings also beckon for a change. Gone are the days of evening barbeques, now is the time to make hearty meals in a warm kitchen. When the food changes, so too does the wine.  While Rosé and Pinot are still excellent choices, the heartier Cuvees and Cabernets pair beautifully with the abundant feasts of the Fall.

Rich and delicate foods like BBQed lamb ribs, roasted duck breast and braised red cabbage, call for wines with structure and tannin. As do desserts like chocolate truffles, black cherry tarts, or red-velvet cupcakes. Don’t want something sweet for dessert?  Serve Gouda, brie and aged Irish cheeses alongside nuts and pomegranate seeds. The dark, intense flavor of the fruit, the saltiness of the nuts (like almonds and hazelnuts) and the silkiness of the cheese bring out the best in red wines.

No matter how you welcome the new season, we propose you toast with a glass of Cardinal Rule. 

From your friends at Cardinal Rule, we wish you the best during this festive time of the year!

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