Sales Eblast – Your Body, Your Business

Being healthy physically, emotionally and financially is a lofty goal for most people, but there’s a secret to success.

In order to transform your body, boost your confidence and increase your income it’s crucial to understand your core motivation, have the right action plan and engage with a supportive community.

Without a winning combination your transformation is doomed to fail. If you don’t balance clarity, action and integration equally you’ll abandon, or never begin, the process of achieving your goals.

The good news is that it’s not that hard to do when you understand the essence to successfully reaching your goals. That’s why we’re addressing them with the Day 1 – Your Body, Your Business challenge.

There are three vital components that play a role in transforming your body, boosting you confidence and increasing your profits.

1) Defining the “Why”?

If you remember just one thing from today’s challenge, remember this:

You have to have an emotional connection to your goals; a clear understanding of why they are important to you on a core level. There are ways to discover your why that go deeper than external circumstances.

Here’s a powerful tip… identify all of the times you attempted to lose weight or get healthy before. Can you remember? Great, you just uncovered a motivation was not in sync with your why. If you had an emotional connection to the motivation, or had unearthed the real reason for why you wanted to lose weight or get healthy you wouldn’t be here today.

For example, you didn’t really want to lose weight to fit into a wedding gown, attract a mate, or get a new job; your why is deeper than that. Perhaps you need approval, acceptance or …love. But, go a step further. Ask yourself why you need those things from an external source?

There’s another way of looking at why?  It’s why not? Is there a reason why you’re resisting change? What is the payoff for not making an effort to transform your body, boost your confidence or increase your profits?

There must be a very good reason, or you would have changed a long time ago. But… no worries, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’ll discuss it during the live training today.

2) Understand the Pillars of Confidence

  • Worth – Babies are born knowing their self-worth; as life moves on, the comments, expectations, and attitudes of other people can wear down this natural sense of self-worth. Self-worth is what enables us to believe that we are capable of doing our best with our talents, of contributing well in society, and that we deserve to lead a fulfilling life. Building it up again is therefore natural, essential, and healthy.
  • Skills – You can only live your fullest potential if you continue to develop your skills so that you can increase your value over time. Be curious, keep learning, find mentors and take classes. Starting a new skill isn’t easy, but trying something is more empowering than staying in your comfort zone.
  • Knowledge – Knowledge is powerful. When you have no trace of doubt, it shows. Command of a subject goes deeper than facts and information, it’s a wisdom— acquired through experience or education— that has theoretical or practical application.

Take a moment to think about the impact these elements can have on your commitment to achieving your goals. If this the first time you’re taking a journey of transformation, focus on understanding your worth.

3) Create Bankable Benefits

            Transforming your body and boosting your confidence can be a means to financial improvement. There will come a time when you can strut your new physique, and confidently ask for: the raise that you want, a new position you would like or an increase in profits that reflect your worth.

            If you want a raise or promotion you have to know you deserve it. List your accomplishments, show how you contributed to the bottom line, understand how you resolved problems or dealt with conflict. If you need to increase profits, be clear about the value of your products or services. When you know why, a customer should pay more, they will.

Share the following information with us in the private Challenge Facebook group:

– What is your why?
– What is your pillar of confidence?
– Where are you looking for an increase in profits?”

If you’ve been hoping to transform your body, boost your confidence and increase your profit— and are open to feedback— this is your chance to share your perspective with the group! Our participates are candid about their experiences, they ask questions and share setbacks and milestones in a positive and constructive way.

I’ll be on Facebook Live at 12pm CST today on my Facebook page to answer your questions, plus share how to get clarity on your course or program idea and how to nail your course offer and virtually guarantee your success from the very beginning!

You’ll get 10 points for showing up live to the training at 12pm central time.

You’ll earn 2 extra points for sharing your course idea on social media sites outside of the Your Body, Your Buisness  Facebook group, by using the hashtag #yourbodyyourbusiness

Too often I see people backtrack or abandon their journey on the path to transformation because they forgotten they’re why? By continuing to actively circulate your why, you enhance accountability. It may make you may feel vulnerable or exposed in the beginning, but that will quickly dissipate when you see the tremendous amount of support you receive from people who are, or have been, on transformational journey’s themselves.
To get credit for ALL your points:
Make sure to use the #yourbodyyourbusiness in all of your posts
Respond to this email before the end of the day with a tally of your points as well as screenshots proving your points
Read below for the challenge prizes.​

The participant with the most points at the end of the challenge will win the VIP Prize:

All-Access Pass to Launched & Loaded, my brand-new LIVE group program that gives you everything you need to create AND launch a profitable online course or group program ($2,997 Value).

Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a raffle to win the Grand Prize (To be eligible, you must answer all the daily Main Challenges in the private Facebook group):

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