Sales Eblast – Jennifer Hudson Then and Now

Looking at Jennifer Hudson now, it’s hard to remember she got her start on American Idol.

But if you watch Season 3 of American Idol, and see that she was eliminated during the top 7 round, it’s easy to understand she wasn’t always the slim, confident academy award winner that she is today. The picture below was taken during the auditions.

As you can see she wasn’t exactly the best version of herself at the time. I’m not speaking solely about her body. She lacked confidence, which had a direct impact being eliminated, resulting in no profit from the show. But, Jennifer Hudson, she used the loss and a reason for transformation. Now she is an stellar example of the connection between of how the body affects other parts of your life. By improving the body first, confidence and profitability follow.

Although my journey of transformation didn’t lead to academy awards— it had a powerful effect on my life. I’m pulling back the curtain to share where I was before transforming my body, increasing my confidence and manifesting more profits. Like Jennifer Hudson, I can attest to the profound changes that occur when you commit to change.

For me, the first priority was to transform my body. In four months, I went from a size 12 to a size 6 (in the next month-and-a-half I was down to a size 4) and in those first four months my business quadrupled!

That’s when I decided to put everything I did over the first four months, into a formula that could help anyone, anywhere who is stuck in a cycle of unhealthy behaviors that result in low self-esteem and less-than-stellar income.

I didn’t want to focus solely on improving the body— there are plenty of weight loss systems out there—I wanted to show, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the mind and the bank are positively affected when you take control of your own physical transformation.  Since then, Your Body, Your Business has helped countless clients and is a live weekly TV show.

Here’s what Barbara Gurski Wogh had to say about the program: “Just look at Sylvia’s before and after picture, right down to the confidence in her face and you won’t hesitate to ask her for help. I have a similar before and after picture and I didn’t just transform my body, but my mindset as well.”

I didn’t realize the exponential benefits. By helping others to transform— in a supportive, community environment— the people they associated with were positively impacted. Anyone who feels happy and healthy physically, emotionally and financially, naturally elevates those around them.

Starting isn’t hard… once you understand why you want to transform your body, boost your confidence and increase your profits. When that’s established, you’ll start moving mountains to achieve your goals.

Daniel Savage speaks about his personal experience: “As a leader at work I have found great success with the tools I’ve been given. I’ve never made that same success happen in my personal life. After years of using food as a stress relief I’ve never had those tools. Coach Syl has given me the tools to transform my mindset.”

Together we’ll go step-by-step to identify the key components to begin a transformation journey that is personal, realistic and… fast. Since I started Your Body, Your Business the formula for success has also undergone a transformation. By bearing witness to countless success stories— and a few challenges— the formula has been revised to help you lose 12-25 pounds in only 6 weeks.

After getting in shape, Jennifer Hudson experienced the win-win-win effect that I, and my clients, are excited about. When she achieved her weight loss goals, she moved differently. She walked with an air of confidence. And, I believe, her newfound confidence helped her move into acting, win several awards, be featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and become a personal friend to Barack Obama.

Now it’s your turn. Start with the 7 day challenge and see how you can transform your body, boost your confidence and increase profitability, in a supportive like-minded community.

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