Rx ‘n Go Script

Hello, this is Mort Jorgensen with Rx ‘n Go and I’m excited to tell you about what we do and why people love it – in under three minutes. Let’s get started. Rx ‘n Go is an alternative pharmacy network that saves employers an average of 15-25%, provides additional choice for members, and positively impacts medication compliance without replacing the current pharmacy program.

Rx ‘n Go offers approximately 1200 generic maintenance medications that address dozens of chronic illnesses including: asthma, high cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension. What makes Rx ‘n Go unique is that the medications are priced in one of four fixed price tiers either 25, 50, 75, or 100 dollars for a 90 day supply. There is no confusion about average wholesale price, rebates, dispensing fees, retail vs mail order, etc. Rx ‘n Go tells you exactly what you as an employer will be paying for any medications they fill.

The program is voluntary and if members choose Rx ‘n Go, their doctor sends a prescription to a fulfillment pharmacy based in Kentucky, and the medication is delivered directly to the member’s home within five to seven days. It’s important to note that employers pay 100% of the cost of Rx ‘n Go. Why would they?

See for yourself! This slide is an example of a claims file – comparing what the employer and members paid with their current pharmacy program – to the cost with Rx ‘n Go. The projected savings for the employer was $76,000, plus another $67,000 for the members! Which means it’s a win for both employers and members… Plus it’s a fantastic benefit for members with chronic conditions because they can get the medication they need shipped straight to their home with zero out of pocket costs.

What are you doing to help members who have chronic conditions – like diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension – get the medication they need? For more information on Rx ‘n Go click the “Tell Me More” button at the end of this video.

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