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  • Patented Oxygen Releasing Technology
  • Reduces Humidity For Sustained Comfort
  • Promotes a Healthy, Lower pH
  • Protects against Odor-Causing Bacteria
  • Prevents Leakage with Ultra Absorbent Core
  • Made With Non-Toxic Materials


TO2M – The Oxygen Movement – pads contain a breakthrough technology that is changing the horizon of feminine hygiene. 

The patented technology is activated by moisture, and steadily releases oxygen to protect against odor-causing bacteria. The result: a fresh approach to your monthly cycle that leaves you feeling clean, dry and confident. 

When pH within the pad becomes too alkaline, “bad” bacteria can quickly grow and you may experience itchiness, irritation, odor, and even infections. TO2M pads actively lower pH for a healthier environment throughout your cycle. 

Moisture and humidity tend to build up quickly within a pad, resulting in major discomfort. TO2M pads easily eliminate these problems by offering quick, one-way absorption and locking away the moisture so you feel fresh and dry at all times. 

Size Specific Benefit:

Add TO2M’s Thin pad to your purse if you experience unpredictable cycles or spotting. This option is also absorbent enough to protect you during the first and last days of your period.

TO2M’s Regular Pads are perfect for a light to moderate cycle. Whether you’re running errands or relaxing at home you’ll have the protection you’ll need.

Rest easy, with TO2M’s Overnight Pads. Designed for women with a moderate to medium flow. This level of protection will prevent leaks, even if you’re a restless sleeper.

TO2M’s Extra pad is designed for a heavy flow. If you need strong, comfortable protection while stationary or on-the-move, this absorbency is the choice for you. Stay fresh, clean and odor-free every hour of the day or night.

TO2M’s Super pad provides maximum protection for those experiencing a very heavy flow. Stop the constant worrying about unpredictable leaks and get the coverage you need to stay clean, comfortable and odor-free!

How To Use: 

TO2M’s feminine pads are easy to use; just open the pad and peel away from the wrapper. Place adhesive side down and press into your undergarment. If the pad has wings: peel off the adhesive sheet, wrap the wings around undergarment, and secure. 

All women (and cycles) are unique; please change the pad according to your personal flow or approximately every 4 hours.


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