After seeing your portfolio, I can confidently say I’ve found a kindred spirit. As a fellow artist, your painting, “,” was of particular interest to me, due to the message and the craft. I’ve never cared for politics or religion, much less violence, as they exist to cloud the real issue: the pursuit of power. 

It’s obvious you also understand that political, military and religious groups are organizations that reject free thought and replace a true understanding of the dynamics of the universe with a group narrative that is both deceptive and detrimental. This mass slight-of-hand affects entire populations, rendering them blind to important issues, such as the destruction of earth as we know it.

By focusing on the desires of man, entire nations are on the brink of self-destruction and our “fearless leaders” can’t even see they’re contributing to the possibility of our extinction by their own actions.

I purchased “Politics,” because it is both, a) a powerful visual tribute to multi-pronged corruption and b) enviable in technique and detail. I’ve studied the painting for quite some time and can assure you, no one else would be capable of reproducing it. Although the concept is simple enough, the execution is extraordinarily complex. I mean no disrespect when I say that seeing your work online doesn’t capture the complexity of your stroke or the layers of color involved. Up close your work is even more fascinating. You are a conceptual artist worthy of the highest praise.

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