I’m excited to tell you about PeerFit: what they do, why people love it, and who’s a good fit in under three minutes. Let’s get started…

PeerFit is redefining wellness at work by allowing members to personalize their fitness experience, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. By providing an array of options as part of a broader platform – employees are motivated to workout and encouraged to invite co-workers to get involved.

How does it work? Employers purchase – and allocate – credits to employees, which allows members to participate in their favorite fitness experiences at a level, time, and location that suits their preferences.

So if John does crossfit at a studio after work, katie goes to a cycling class on saturday morning, Mark does Yoga at a studio near his house, and Julie likes to swim laps at local gym… They all can! It’s not one size fits all… More importantly… Employers only pay for credits that are being used.

How many of your clients are spending thousands of dollars on a wellness program or gym subsidies that nobody is using? Peerfit can eliminate that waste.

Plus, Peerfit brings coworkers together in a unique and compelling way. Their platform allows members to find, and schedule, local fitness classes, and connect with other members in a way that’s encouraging, supportive, and inclusive. Working out together can remove the awkwardness of trying something new and create a sense of accountability.

Imagine, inviting your colleagues to post-work fitness classes and enjoying a healthier happy hour.

People love PeerFit because it allows employees to personalize their fitness experience, eliminates waste by only paying for utilization, and help employees work out together to create a more cohesive team.

PeerFit works for employers of any size and if you want to connect with PeerFit, to get additional information, hit the “Tell Me More” button at the end of this video.

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