Hello, my name is Chris Fisher and I’m excited to tell you about Paytient including what we do and why people love it under three minutes.

Did you know, that according to a recent report by the Federal Reserve, almost 30% of Americans went without some form of medical care due to an inability to pay?

Making sure employees can afford to get the care they need – when they need it – is crucial for their health and well-being. Not only that, when members can afford proactive care it makes financial sense for employers.

For example, in a recent study, researchers found that at-risk women in high-deductible health plans delayed breast cancer screening and care. Underlying problems don’t just go away. The longer the delay, the larger the problems become. Doesn’t it make sense to provide a way for women to afford mammograms now, instead of having to pay for invasive and costly treatments later?

Paytient is the cure. We offer a benefit program that allows employees to pay for any out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision, or even veterinary bill – up to $1000 dollars – over time, at 0% interest. There are no credit checks and members pay using an app on their phone. Any provider that accepts VISA can take Paytient.

When a member “Pays With Paytient,” they select their own repayment terms via payroll deductions. For example, let’s say an employee pays a doctor bill with Paytient. They can select equal deductions over three paychecks, five paychecks, 10 paychecks, or whatever option works for them; up to a full year and always at 0% interest.

As one member said, “Love the app!!! Very nice to have and very easy to use!!! Really helps when you have a big medical expense, but you do not want to spend a lump sum of money This gives you the option to make payments interest free out of your pay from work!”

If you have clients or prospects who have employees with difficulties paying for out of pocket expenses (and which company doesn’t?) Paytient is a fantastic solution that helps employees feel better now and pay bills later.

I’ll end with an important question… if you care about your employees, what are you doing to help them pay for unplanned medical expenses?

If you would like additional information on Paytient, hit the Tell Me More button at the end of this video. Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day!

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