Of Consciousness and Light

Finally… an artist would understands animal spirits and their relationships to the universe! I could hardly breathe when I saw “Of Consciousness and Light.” The light in the center is clearly “the Source,” and the dolphins appear to be as cognizant of it as (some) humans are.

Dolphins are, by far, my favorite animal totem, because they represent harmony and balance… two thing I struggle with. Many people know how intelligent they are, but few people know that dolphins have two other human traits: instincts and self-awareness.

Dolphins are also a symbol of protection and of resurrection. Their playful nature—  a reminder that everyone needs to approach life with humor and joy— masks their deep sense of protectiveness. Plus, they have strong ties to social groups. On a basic level, they prove that coming from a place of love and cooperation makes it easy to work with others without sacrificing our own needs.

You’ve done a phenomenal job of capturing the essence of these beautiful creatures. It was difficult to pick a favorite— ALL of them are amazing— but I chose “Of Consciousness and Light,” because it reminded me of dreams I had when I was going through a spiritual awakening.

Sometimes when people begin to understand consciousness on a higher vibration they question their own sanity. At least I did. But, I looked into the meaning of dolphins (when my dreams were filled with them for several weeks) and realized they are a good omen. A sign of resurrection. Positive change.

I’ve had several people ask me how to discover their spirit animal and I say… you don’t. They find you in your dreams. Needless to say, “Of Consciousness and Light,” is placed above my headboard. From the day I hung it there, the abundant dreams of dolphins returned, which means sleeping is now my favorite part of the day and I wake up happy each morning!

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