MORE Health

I’m excited to tell you about MORE Health – including what they do and why people love it – in under three minutes.

Did you know that up to 20% of medical cases are misdiagnosed, up to 28% of diagnostic mistakes can be life-threatening (or result in permanent disability), and up to 62% of second opinions result in major changes to diagnoses or recommended treatments? 

MORE Health augments primary and specialty care by connecting a patient’s diagnosing doctor with a team of Physician Specialists to provide a second, expert opinion. Together, they develop a comprehensive co-diagnosis and treatment plan to avoid the morass of misdiagnosis and overtreatment. Because, a correct diagnosis is the main driver for the best healthcare outcomes.

MORE Health provides prompt access to the world’s best healthcare. How fast? From the time they receive the appropriate medical records, they provide members with a diagnosis report and approximate treatment costs inside of 5 business days. That means… no more waiting for months to see a specialist to get a second opinion! And, MORE Health only works with the best-of-the-best physicians at top institutions such as: Stanford, Mayo, and Johns Hopkins. 

As well as increasing the quality of healthcare, MORE Health also decreases the cost for employers, by minimizing unnecessary overtreatment and reducing waste due to the treatment of misdiagnosed conditions. By being such a unique benefit, MORE Health controls cost, provides better health outcomes for members, and attracts and retains valuable employees. 

MORE Health is offered on a PEPM basis, and there is no health under riding, or age gaps. The program is perfect for the mid-market but can be used for as little as 15 lives; plus, there are no caps on the upper limit.

What are you doing to help members get a fast and accurate second opinion from top healthcare professionals? If you would like additional information on MORE Health, hit the “Tell Me More” button at the end of this video.  

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