I’m excited to tell you about LearnLux including what they do and why people love it – in under three minutes. Let’s get started.

LearnLux helps employees learn about financial wellness, plan for their future, and take action on the information they’ve input within the LearnLux platform. It’s a digital + human based experience that makes a real financial difference in people’s lives.

Did you know that financial pressure has been identified as the number one reason employees feel stress in the workplace? And, over 86% of employees would likely participate in an employer sponsored financial wellness program if it was offered to them.

When the Co-Founder and CEO at LearnLux was working in a lab at MIT – surrounded by multiple PhD students – she realized that none of them could figure out how to open a retirement account. She saw, first-hand, that financial duress had a direct impact on performance; making financial stress reduction a critical component for a healthier & more productive workforce.

LearnLux is a system that empower employees with the unique “Learn, Plan, and Act” software. It’s a customizable financial education platform that includes a goal setting and budgeting tool, and an online portal aggregating all of the employee benefits, so they can learn, utilize, and take action for the future.

The action feature also encourages employees to schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with a certified financial planner for FREE!

People love LearnLux because they have independent advisors, and they provide a globally accessible, digital platform, wherein everything is personalized, including the benefits that their employer offers. Because the information is individually tailored, members are able to identify spending patterns, actualize the goals they have for the future, and reduce the financial stress that affects their productivity at work.

LearnLux works with groups from 10 to 5000 employees and pricing ranges from $4 to 15 PEPM so it’s affordable too!

What are you doing to help employees understand and improve their financial health? If you would like additional information on LearnLux, hit the “Tell Me More” button at the end of this video.

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