Iris & Orchid Launch a Natural and Affordable Beauty Product Line!

As part of an epic return to the Empire State, Iris & Orchid will launch a new line of natural, affordable beauty products at the Indie Beauty Expo- New York, this August 22-23rd.

With “green” beauty demands on the rise, this innovative beauty care line addresses the need for 100% safe, clean and honest ingredients at reasonable prices. As Hanna Jun, the Founder and Managing Partner, has said, “Consumers have the right to know the truth, but they’ve been misled for so long from pricing to ingredients to chemical safety to claims.”    

Ms. Jun realized there was a gap between conventional brands, which are mainly formulated using synthetic chemicals – and vary widely in price and availability – to natural brands that were ineffective and too pricey. The opportunity she saw: “Starting my own line of natural brands that are formulated with safe, clean and honest ingredients that are effective and are priced reasonably so we can approach broader green demographic.”

Speaking of the demographic, they are refreshingly focused on women between the ages of 30 – 60, who are looking for natural, green, clean and safe products and are also Indie beauty followers.

Iris & Orchid products are formulated for all skin types, but are especially effective for dry and/or sensitive skins. For example, their ultra moisturizing formula is powered by tea tree + manuka + snow mushroom extract blend, which is 400X more moisturizing than sodium hyaluronate. Moreover, the entire line is pH balanced – which is crucial for skin health. As a side note, many products will be available in travel size.

When asked the origin of the brand name, Ms Jun explained that, “Iris stands for: faith in you, hope in you, and respect yourself. Orchid means : luxury, strength, elegance, beauty and charm. Together that equals Iris & Orchid: Beautiful inside & out.

Beyond beauty they take a refreshing attitude about business; they believe in People Over Profit – no industry deception or industry secrets. They have an honest and open approach to their customers and provide quality products that are convenient to use and offer value to consumers.

Iris & Orchid cosmetics are coming in 2019 and will focus on “no makeup makeup” natural look for everyday casual wear as opposed to the overcrowded market of glamorous, sexy and bold looking styles that the younger generation is buying into.

Iris & Orchid is a subsidiary of Open Arms Holdings – a Wholesaler and Retailer of Natural Home, Cleaning, Bathing and Beauty Products, based in Issaquah, Washington. Their line has expanded into clean, natural and safe products that can be used at the office and in home, around children and pets.

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