I’m excited to tell you about iRewardHealth: what they do, why people love it, and who is a good fit. Let’s get started…

iReward Health is a mobile and web-based application that has three simple goals. Help employees to become mindful of their health at least once a day, introduce a healthy habit once a month, and to see health as a journey; not a mountain top experience. They do that by allowing employees to track their food, exercise, and weight in a confidential application.

How does it work? Unhealthy diet and fitness habits can be hard to change. Most people know what they should be doing but they’re just not willing to do it. For example, I know I should spend less time on the couch watching TV instead of taking my dog for a run. iRewardHealth believes that employees must first track current behavior in order to become aware of the changes that are needed.

Being cognizant of their own behavior, naturally leads to healthier choices, which can result in dramatic lifestyle improvements. For example, If Bill is tracking his food intake and sees he is eating fast food with a large soda 5 days a week… Does he start to cut that down to 4 days a week with a small diet soda. If you’re aware of your habits and tracking them daily; it can be the necessary push to start making changes.

You might be wondering… How do we get employees to track their food, exercise, and weight on a daily basis? The simple answer is a completely customizable reward platform… Employees get points for tracking behavior (regardless of what that behavior is) and those points can be redeemed for rewards that are entirely up to each employer.

That allows companies to pick rewards that will be the most relevant for their own situation. For example, if someone gets 50 points in a week they could wear jeans on Friday. Or 200 points in a month you get a 15 minute chair massage in the office. Free lunch, raffles for gift cards, 30 minute 1×1 time with the CEO, the options are endless.

By picking the rewards that will motivate employees most, they will track their behavior, and that awareness lead can result in behavior change. It’s that simple.

People love iReward Health because it’s a simple approach to building health habits and even better it’s only $1 PEPM with no minimum group size. If you want to connect with iRewardHealth, to get additional information and a free demo account, hit the “Tell Me More” button at the end of this video.

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