In Contemplation of the Universe

I just wanted to thank you for “In Contemplation of the Universe,” and tell you that after giving the painting to my sister she started to find her way out of a long depression.

After my brother-in-law, Bryan, died my sister was inconsolable. Three years had passed and she still couldn’t accept it. He’d gone out for a walk and next thing you know she heard helicopters landing nearby. Bryan had died of a ruptured brain aneurism at the age of forty-three.

Every day, she went to the point in the road where he collapsed.

Recently, she was saying she didn’t think anyone could understand how she was feeling. It was like the universe imploded and she was completely alone. While I was at her house, she played Bryan’s favorite music and cried the entire time.

After visiting her, I came home and thought how I get through tough times. As a sculptor, I look for inspiration in the art world. Because I have several paintings of yours, I wondered if one of your prints could help her too. I called her and suggested she look through the collection to find a painting made her feel hopeful.

She selected “In Contemplation of the Universe.” It made her feel like someone else can understand how deeply emotions run. She’s still broken-hearted, but she seems to be getting a little better each day.

The last time I visited, she showed me the painting and for the first time in years she smiled. I’d honestly forgotten what she looked like being happy. I thought you’d appreciate hearing how much you help both of us every day.

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