How can I start living from my heart?

It seems as if, by asking the question, you don’t think you are. But sometimes our minds are too “tight” around issues to think our way to answers of big questions.

But, there is a way to know – beyond the shadow of a doubt – what you’re really thinking and feeling… check in with your body.

If you have to make a decision between two (or more) things, there’s a very simple trick… flip a coin. Assign a FINAL decision to both sides of the coin. Flip it and when it lands, check in with your body. If you feel nauseous, anxious, or any other “-ous” word, you don’t want to do that. Keep flipping it until you’ve narrowed your choices down to the final two; and repeat.

Now you know, for sure, what you want to do, and who are you to ignore the direction of your soul? No matter how difficult, terrifying, or irrational your final decision is, begin acting on it. This can be something small or dramatic. Your choice; but once you decide, commit 100% to your decision and take daily action steps to honor it.

Trust me, there will be push back. Friends and family will step in to be the, “voice of reason.” F*ck ‘um. No human being is wiser than your soul. No one knows what’s good for you, better than you.

I have a friend who had the nagging urge to quit his job and move to Hawaii. It made no logical sense. He and his wife had just finished building their dream home, both had rewarding, high-paying jobs and they were thinking about adopting. But the recurring thought wouldn’t go away. One evening his wife came home from work, and he blurted out, “Wanna move to Hawaii?” She put bags of groceries on the counter, looked and him and – realizing he was serious – said, “Sure.” They were on the Big Island settling in within 2 months.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of choices, a friend of mine was in a verbally demeaning relationship and she was toying with the idea of leaving him. I asked how she felt about the idea of staying with him and she said, “Dead.” And how did she feel about leaving? “Terrified.”

Better the beast you know than the unknown for most people. In fact, fear of the unknown is THE most common fear among the entire human race. Even fear of falling, flying, dying, can all be tied back to fear of the unknown. What if I get hurt, go down in burning flames, don’t make it to the “other side?” Nearly all irrational fears are fiction. Negative fiction.

What if you just get back up, meet someone life-changing on the plane, or discover there IS life after death? I mean, if you’re going to put your imagination to work, why not fill it with rainbows and puppies and unicorns? Or simply a more satisfying life… if you just take a chance.

I’ll wrap this up with something another friend said once… “I will play the starring role in my life. I might occasionally let someone else take center stage, but I won’t wait in the wings for long.”

If anyone – other than yourself – is trying to direct your life story, show them the door.

Then, sit in a quiet place and ask yourself… “Now what, darling? What is it that you really want to do?” And, without question, follow your own marching orders.

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