I recently got Heaven and wanted to tell you that it’s having a huge effect on me. It’s strange that I, a die-hard agnostic, would buy this print. But, it’s the first thing I ever saw that made me think there might be something bigger than just mortality.

I’m not the type to buy this kind of thing, I’m more of a hunting trophy kind of guy, but there’s something about the colors and the way it glows that gets to me in a way I can’t put it into words. I just get it. And “it’s” bigger than anything I ever thought before.

I swear when I look at the light inside the circles, the painting moves. Like the circles expand. It blows my mind. Happens every time I look at the it.

If that’s not strange enough, I think about it when I’m on a long-haul. It kind of freaks me out, because I don’t even obsess about women this much. Before now, if anyone asked me if a painting could have enough power to change a person, my answer would have been no.

Good thing I’m not the paranoid type or I might think Heaven had some sort of mind-control power, but looking at it feels too good, like a campfire after a good hunt. No… it’s better than that, I guess that’s why you called it heaven.

I can’t believe I’m writing this letter, but if something I’d made had this kind of effect on a person, I’d want to know about it. I’m not even sure if I’m thanking you, it’s more like asking if anybody else has written to you about this? It’s like I’m back in the 60’s, only this time I’m tripping on Heaven.

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