Evidence Disposition – What it is, Why it’s important, and How it’s done!

Hi, I’m here to present Today’s Topic from Tracker Products…“Evidence Disposition – What it is, Why it’s important, and How it’s done!”

The single greatest problem most Evidence Managers have is … evidence disposition. Property rooms all over the country are bursting at the seams with evidence and many departments have had to acquire new storage facilities to deal with the inventory. With dwindling budgets and limited resources, Evidence Technicians need real solutions to this problem; and they need them now.

An effective disposition system ensures that agencies dispose of at least as much evidence as they bring in, on an annual basis. Ideally, evidence management operations should dispose of evidence items at a 1:1 ratio for annual intake items. Disposition rates, lower than that, will create long-term systematic storage and sustainability issues. Simply put, the end result is… a disaster waiting to happen.

Now, let’s talk about Auto Disposition…

By automating the disposition process, Evidence Managers don’t have to manually rifle through a mountain of paperwork to check the case history. Tracker’s state-of-the-art software sends the submitting officer a retention review request to either approve the disposal of the item, or request to keep the item for a specified period of time before the next review. Here’s how it works…

Every case entered into the system requests that a follow-up date be assigned. When the Review Date = today, the system will automatically generate a task and assign it to the Case Officer for review. Then, they will record 1 of 2 responses; either: a) you can NOT dispose of the item – and a future review date will be assigned – or… b. They approve disposal of the case related items.

If you need further permissions to dispose of evidence, then you edit the Task and assign it to a new user. If no further permissions are required, the items that have been approved for disposition will be tagged. After they are logged, you simply collect all approved items from storage locations and either dispose of them or return them to the owner, and mark disposed in the system.

Our SAFE evidence tracking software is more than just barcodes and inventory control, it’s an end-to-end chain of custody software for physical and digital evidence. By using Tracker’s cutting edge software, you will be able to easily and effectively resolve the critical issues facing evidence management, today.

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