Double Helix of Life

My son had the pleasure of seeing your work at an event in Hawaii and he thought I would appreciate it. He was right! I went through the entire gallery before selecting my favorite. It was sooooooooo hard to decide but I finally chose Double Helix of Life.

Trust me… I have my eye on more, but this one kept calling my name. Something about the light in the center and how it illuminates a being that seems to have just appeared there; undisturbed by the life rushing past, unfettered by curious bystanders. The being, to me, represents infinite possibility, not yet swayed by ego or greed, just pure light and potential. A vessel both empty and full.

No choices have been made yet. No judgments cast. The being simply exists to bear witness to life. That’s a lesson we could all benefit from learning. It would certainly cut down on the amount of worrying most people do!

I remember an acquaintance telling me that most of our thoughts are just bad fiction; plotless stories we make up to cope with real or potential pain. After hearing that, I wondered how many years I wasted on pointless thoughts. I knew there must be a better way to use my creativity than repeatedly filling in the blank to “what if” questions. Now, when I get lost in useless thoughts, I fill in the blank with, “What IS.”

Being fully present isn’t easy in a world filled with distractions, but the painting reminds me that it’s possible. I’m not so sure I could remain present in the middle of a stampede, but it would be an interesting litmus test! I just realized… this piece should have been called “Being in the Light.” LOL.

Anyway, I’m delighted with my purchase. For those times that I’m knocked off center, Double Helix of Life immediately guides me back to What IS, not what was or may be. I’m amazed that a painting affects me so profoundly each time I look at it. In the spirit of joy, I send you all of my love and appreciation.

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