Custom Wood Doors for Commercial Applications

Custom wooden doors create an impression of what lies beyond.

Images of the entry ways to Westminster Abby in England, the Holy Doors of Saint John Lateran, Saint Mary Major and Saint Paul’s in Italy, and half of the structures of Stone Town in Zanzibar conjure impressions of ageless beauty that endures for centuries.

While the durability and use of custom wood doors in classic structures can’t be denied, there is now a trend of specifying wood for the complete exterior of commercial buildings. The Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain is touted as the world’s largest wooden structure, with the pavilion being composed of six mushroom-shaped parasols and spread across four levels. The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership in Michigan used Cordwood to provide visual intrigue and rustic charm. The Community Church of Knarvik in Hordaland, Norway was built with pre-weathered-pine and features a dramatic pyramidal steeple.

These structures, in addition to the wooden store fronts of café’s, boutiques, taverns, bakery’s and more, speak to the unique warmth and durability of wood for commercial buildings, thereby debunking the negative myths about the application of wood for external applications.

Mahogany, in particular, is prized not only for its beauty, durability, and color, but resistance to moisture as well. The question as to whether commercial wood doors can withstand inclement conditions can be addressed by a single source, the boating industry. Hacker-Craft, Van Dam and Devlin, use wood exclusively because it retains more strength against repeated pressure than manmade materials. And, because mahogany will never warp, even when immersed in water for prolonged period of time, it is ideal for use as an exterior door.

Custom commercial wood door options are nearly as varied as the applications for wood itself. Because mahogany is a strong, but light weight wood with a straight grain, it can finely crafted to suit any design specification. The delicately carved wooden door of the entry to the prayer hall— plus the seventeen carved wooden doors within—  of the Great Mosque of Kairouan, Tunisia is an excellent example of intricacy that can be achieved when working with mahogany. The original door, installed in 1828, is time-tested proof of the lasting durability of wooden doors in a public space.

Although wooden doors can be intricately carved, it’s not a typical choice. The usual specifications of commercial wood doors are in the following categories: Modern, Classic, Traditional, Inspirational, French and Barn. These exterior doors can be constructed solely from wood or combined with glass, metal, and other finishes. Additionally, commercial wood doors can be hung in a traditional fashion, or pivot and slide. 

Custom wood doors have long been used for residential application to create a feeling of warmth and luxury. It’s easy to see why retail stores, aiming for a similar feel, would select commercial wooden doors as a means of subtle invitation. There’s no material, used in a store front application that is more welcoming than wood.

Many environmentally-conscious groups are encouraging the use of natural resources, like wood, because they are sustainable resources. For a clear conscience, review the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification process for building green with wood. Commercial buildings and retail stores actually enhance the environment by using healthy finishes that are renewable and last for generations.

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