Collateral Damage

“Collateral Damage,” is a powerful wake-up call to the current political climate. Never has there been such global tension and this piece does an awe-inspiring job of capturing the lack of humanity political leaders currently possess.

The global power trip is so insidious it seems to have infected the general population, eliciting events like political clashes in Spain and maniacal acts of a mass murder in Las Vegas. Leaving a wake of destruction that renders the general population speechless.

Our representatives feign innocence while they create weapons of mass destruction knowing that with the push of a button they’re capable of destroying all that is sacred in the world. Gone are the days of leaders who rule with compassion. The current dictators don’t care about the good of the people. Their egos are fueled by the ability to obliterate entire nations in the spirit of “defending our freedom.”

How can we be free, if we don’t even feel safe leaving our homes? World-wide tensions are leading people to drive trucks into crowds, bring bombs into stadiums, and fly planes into buildings.

We are on the verge of WWIII and our fate is in the hands of soulless dictators; devoid of love, compassion, and morality. I may not be able to do anything to stop it, but, like John Pitre, I’m certainly going to acknowledge the possibility that we may, very shortly, bear witness to mass global genocide.

One picture— “Collateral Damage”— really is worth a thousand (or a million) words. The loss of innocence. People living as soulless as wooden dolls. Destruction in the name of liberty and justice.

You’ve made a bold statement here, and I, for one, say Amen, Brother.

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