BPSA Traditional Scouting – Affordable Outdoor Adventure Is Headed Your Way!

Calling all outdoor-curious, pioneers and explorers; programs begin this September.

BPSA Traditional Scouting invites Miramichi youth, parents and volunteers to discover the magic of the great outdoors. This “new,” yet traditional, scouting program – which kick’s off in less than a month – promotes good citizenship and wholesome physical and mental development; by training in the habits of observation, discipline, self-reliance, loyalty, and useful life skills. 

Being outdoor enthusiasts, a few members of a different scouting organization saw a need for an additional group, in Miramichi, that would be affordable, open and inclusive, while also being centered around outdoor programs and activities. In the outdoors, youth have opportunities to acquire skills that make them more self-reliant. They can explore, canoe, hike and complete challenges they first thought were beyond their ability. Attributes of good character become part of the youth as they learn to cooperate to meet outdoor challenges that may include extreme weather, difficult trails, hiking obstacles, and dealing with nature’s unexpected circumstances. 

Brett Gallant, a leader for 7 years from another organization said, “The BPSA Traditional Scouting program offers a chance for our youth to embrace the outdoors and learn practical skills. We want to keep them busy with what the kids have told us they want to do; and that is be outdoors more, camping in tents, canoeing, hiking and so much more. It’s a challenge to compete against video games, but not when they see how much fun it can be, huddled around a campfire, making new friends, and sleeping under the stars,” he added.

Service to others and good community is also learned through such outdoor activities as conservation projects, collecting food, building trails and shelters, and conducting community service projects that promote healthy living. Through helping others, Scouting youth learn to appreciate how they can share themselves and their generosity with those in need. By giving service to benefit others, Scouting youth gain a sense of personal satisfaction.

BPSA Traditional Scouting is a bit different than the Scouting organization they left behind; even at the youngest level, children can earn badges for completing life skills, like: campfire-safety, food preparation, and tarp rigging. There will be no change to the age categories with the new BPSA Miramichi Traditional Scouting program, only the names that will be associated with them — from youngest to oldest — Otters, Timber Wolves, Explorers, Senior Explorers and Rovers. 

Annual registration fee is only $55, plus the cost of uniforms. For Otters & Timberwolves, the  cap & long sleeved t-shirt cost $15. For Explorers, Sr Explorers & Adults, the beret and tan short-sleeved button up shirt is $35. There may be additional costs associated with camps and other outings, but BPSA Traditional Scouting will keep them to a bare minimum. 
Enjoy Camping, hiking and all of the wonders of the great outdoors? Do you crave adventure? Then why not join BPSA Traditional Scouting today; after all, September is right around the corner!

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