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Back Book Cover: 

Life with Grace – a Collection of Inspirational Thoughts for Your Everyday Life, provides daily reflections, biblical wisdom and practical suggestions, designed to help revolutionize your thinking, add to your success, and improve relationships in every facet of your life — including your relationship with the Almighty. 

As we face life’s difficulties, Jessica Grace White offers support by suggesting you walk away from the crippling thoughts of your past and receive the abundance of peace, joy, and prosperity that your future has in store for you. She encourages you to agree with who God says you are, in order to experience what He is able to do in your life. With Life with Grace, you will see how your storms prepare you for the blessings you’re hoping for. 

Life with Grace is an inspiring, refreshing, and hopeful collection, that says… you truly are unlimited! You have everything inside of you, that you need to be the amazing person you were created to be. Let your light shine. Be that incredible writer, teacher, trainer, coach, artist, leader, journalist, creator, entrepreneur. Move outside of your comfort zone! Move outside of the norm. NOW, is your time!

Advertising Copy: 

Life with Grace, by Jessica Grace White, is a collection of inspirational thoughts, and faith-filled insights, that will carry you through life’s challenges and remind you of the power of positive thinking and the glory of our almighty God. Get inspired today; visit www.       and pick up your copy today! 

Are you stuck in negative thinking or feeling trapped by unhealthy choices you’ve made? Break through those limiting thoughts and get inspired by Life with Grace; a collection of inspirational insights designed to transform your life into the one you’ve always secretly hoped for, by Jessica Grace White. Pick up your copy today, at http://www.    

You can’t go it alone. Life can be difficult and we all need a little help sometimes. Life with Grace — a collection of inspirational thoughts, and faith-filled insights, by Jessica Grace White — is designed to help you break out of negative thinking, in order to attain your dream life, and connect with the power and the glory of God. Don’t put your new life on hold; visit http://www.      and order your copy, today! 

Are you feeling depressed or lonely? Discover a new way of thinking in Life with Grace — a collection of inspirational thoughts, and faith-filled insights, by Jessica Grace White. Discover how to change your limiting thoughts and negative mindset by believing in a loving God who wants the best for you; personally and professionally. Begin your journey to a rich and satisfying life; visit http://www.              and order your copy, today!

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