Moonlit Dream

Synchronicity is a strange thing. There are times in people’s lives when there seem to be none-at-all and other times when there are so many coincidences, you can’t help but wonder about the significance; the meaning behind the snapshots of time that are so beautiful they practically beg for a gallery. Two years ago, I… Continue reading Moonlit Dream

A New Dawn

I once had a friend who said she didn’t have the “luxury” of going insane. Like… there weren’t enough hours in the day to lose her mind. When I ran across your portfolio, I thought, this dude knows how to lose is mind… properly. If there is such a thing. I don’t have a favorite… Continue reading A New Dawn

Messengers of Light

When I saw Messengers of Light it sent a chill up my spine. The painting was a visual representation of the reason I’m on earth. To me, there is a haunting quality about seeing a select group of people walking alone/together in the dark. Bearers of light looking both weary and calm. My oldest sister,… Continue reading Messengers of Light


I recently got Heaven and wanted to tell you that it’s having a huge effect on me. It’s strange that I, a die-hard agnostic, would buy this print. But, it’s the first thing I ever saw that made me think there might be something bigger than just mortality. I’m not the type to buy this… Continue reading Heaven

Turtle Canyon

I recently purchased Turtle Canyon and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your talent. I don’t know if people write to tell you about why they bought a certain print, but I think it’s important to know why you have a fan in Georgia. Shortly after we moved into a waterfront house my… Continue reading Turtle Canyon

Trade Winds

Whoa! I had to write a letter of appreciation for your work on the painting called Trade Winds. I met my wife, Astrid, when I was visiting Norway as an exchange student, nearly 30 years ago. The first time I saw her, she was walking along a fjord with a small group of friends; the… Continue reading Trade Winds

The Last Unicorn

Every Christmas I give both of my children a “serious” work of art with a magical twist. The gift becomes a theme for the following year. For example, one year the gifts were sculptures of chimpanzee’s in circus uniforms. We spent the next year going to as many zoos and circuses as we could find.… Continue reading The Last Unicorn


Your painting, Restrictions, hit me like a two-ton truck. It’s like you painted what I used to see in my dreams (being able to fly) and what I see now (tethers). My wife tells me to stop worrying about everything. That we have all we need. But it’s not that easy. I don’t want to… Continue reading Restrictions


After seeing your portfolio, I can confidently say I’ve found a kindred spirit. As a fellow artist, your painting, “,” was of particular interest to me, due to the message and the craft. I’ve never cared for politics or religion, much less violence, as they exist to cloud the real issue: the pursuit of power. … Continue reading Politics